Demo updated (Steam's record 42 million points)

We've updated the demo and it's now matching the one available on Steam.  There are mostly fixes and small optimisation things that may be noticeable  if you play on low end machines.  The FOV slider didn't work before,  so if you want prefer wider FOV you can mess around with it)

A small reminder if you don't like the default sensitivity you can adjust it in the settings. 

The current record on Steam is staggering 42 million points.  We didn't expect anyone to get so high so quickly,  but it's doable. If you plan your build wisely and pick the right cards you can get a huge boost in points. 

So enjoy the demo, give us your feedback, share your score and if you like what we are doing please wish list Mist Hunter on Steam .


MistHunter_29012019.7z 230 MB
Jan 29, 2019

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