New Build is Out


A new build is out and ready to be downloaded. 

The progress so far:

- added cards descriptions ( can be typos and errors)

- fixed a bug with jumping. It's consistent now and works as it should all the time. This means you can jump on much higher objects.

- enemies don't spawn right next to you

- added a bunch of new cards, plus the old ones were re-balanced

- the waves' pace has been changed. The actions starts to kick in much quicker.

- combos ( kill 5 enemies within 10 metres in 5 seconds, kill 5 enemies while the Hot Slice is active, 3 headshots in 3 or less seconds, 5 headshots in 5 or less seconds, kill 5 stunned enemies in 5 or less seconds, land a head shot when an enemy is in mid air( flying enemies don't count), kill the Witch within 3 metres, deal damage to an enemy with two different weapons)

- changed some of the sounds

- some bits of the settings are now working ( sound settings, gameplay settings , invert mouse) 

- we've also done some optimisation, so the game should work a bit faster now. 

- I've modelled another 12 weapons which I'll show later, when I get them all textured and animated.

- Lot's of small things that I can't even remember, lol

The near future plans:

- Polish the demo a bit more to a state when it can be showcased on expos 

- Finish the remaining weapons.

- Add several more types of enemies

- More levels for the Endless mode

- Begin to work on the second mode - Maze.

I'm gonna show the new weapons and tell more about the new mode in the next post)


mh_05_09.7z 238 MB
Sep 05, 2018

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Love the new build! Few comments/possible bugs again.

- The perk that reduces your HP to give you points seems to be bugged in terms of value. My HP decreased from 125 (from stacks) to 15.

- Endless mode gets too easy instead of ramping up difficulty. The enemies almost seems to be reduced after wave 5 or so, I never saw the lighting enemies again and the amount of enemies still varied around 10-20.

- Levels are given too quickly, you easily out-gun your opponents around wave 8. 

- Nothing else this time around. Very fun! 


Thanks for the feedback.

- i'll check it out, it's most likely  bugged)

- it's another bug, or better say my fuck up. The difficulty stops increasing after a certain wave and sometimes the wave generator can spawn even starting scenarios of enemies.  It's an easy fix and I'll re-balance it again to make it a little more challenging. Probably will release a new build tomorrow. 
- that's a good point! I'll try it slow it down. The idea was that if you die often it's good to level up quickly. Probably, I just need to ramp up the difficulty.

Thanks for playing! It really helps shaping the game)