New Build and Design Changes

Design Thoughts

A few weeks back a friend of mine, who also a game developer, suggested an interesting idea. When he was playing MH he almost never moved around the map unless he needed to get some health . Most of the time he would just circle around the place he had been spawned at.  But he really enjoyed moving around. Just dashing and double jumping was fun. 

I'm sure most of you have been playing exactly same way.  Well, even I sometimes play like that.  To be honest it's not the most optimal and fun way to play it. I though the problem was in the size of the level and it's partially true. The current map is way too big and the future arenas are going to be more compact.  But even a smaller arena wouldn't make you traverse it unless there is an incentive. 

So, my friend suggested to add contest points that a player should defend for "X" amount of time and then move to a next one, similar to Overwatch and it clicked.  We needed a good incentive to move around the level. Jumping ahead of myself , we didn't implement the points because they would have forced you to move, but again most of the time you'd be circling around that one point. I think there is something interesting in this mechanic and probably we'll come back to it.  What we did implement however was a timer and pick-ups that replenish the timer. The rule is simple once the time is up you die.  The game's become more hectic and at the same time received a new level of tactical depth.  

Right now there are two builds which you can play and compare. And as always any feedback would be invaluable. Even if you don't like the new mechanic please leave a comment. 

Small News

Mist Hunter was nominated on Devgamm  Minsk  awards :  "Best Indie Game"  and "Best Desktop Game" .

We also will be showcasing Mist Hunter at Game Anglia this Friday and Saturday. Come along to say high)

P.S. there is a known bug in the last build - ammo pick-ups don't have a sound cue when you pick them up , will be fixed soon 


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Nov 05, 2018

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I welcome this idea!

Although one problem I feel right off the back is that the timers spawn randomly, and honestly can easily mess you up due to simple chance. Since the map isn't symmetrical, you could have an unfair spawn where you can't reliably get to the timer unless you were experienced. 

Maybe instead have the timers give lower output, but have them spawn more constantly? That way you can keep people moving but make it a little more fair? Or floating easily accessible collectibles spawn away from the player, I dunno.



Interesting idea! I will give it a shot in the next build.  

The time capsules definitely  need some finer tuning. I was thinking of increasing their life span. Right now they disappear a bit too quickly even for me.  90% of the time I miss the first capsule, because it spawns somewhere on the opposite end of the map. I know I can't make it before it's gone so I just wait for the second one. 

Anyway, I want to put together a smaller map to see if it solves the problem.